Upgraded google glasses provide behavioral therapy to autistic Kids and help in understanding Emotions.

Google glasses is the augmented reality headset that Google introduced in 2013. At the beginning of its launch google faced a lot of lackluster reviews and sales due to which google has to stop making consumer versions in 2015. Later in 2017 google came again in the market with the enterprise edition.

Dennis walls and his team at Stanford University has been working for over 6 years on assistive technology for children with autism.

The technology records the faces during the interaction between the autistic kid and family member by making the use of the outward-facing camera of the glass, then a software detects the faces in the videos recorded and interprets their expression of emotion thus helping the autistic kids to see emotions.

Photo by: Gabriela Hasbun

A team of people from Stanford University has been successful in refining the prototype and run many clinical trials to prove the beneficial effect of the google class so-called “superpower glass”. It has been found that the use of superpower glass has improved eye contact, social engagement as well as the recognition of emotions.

The team is aiming to get health insurance plans to cover the cost of the technology as an augmented- reality therapy.

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