Man Kills Wife For Seeking Divorce: Mumbai

An 38-year-old woman was allegedly killed in broad daylight by her husband, who she had been living with since the beginning of their separation.

It happened at 11 a.m. near Welfare High School, which is next to the fish market. Dilshad Khan, the victim, was walking to work when Abdul Kalam Shah, her second husband, allegedly attacked her with a knife before running off.

She was taken by Passersby to a nearby hospital. According to police, the accused used beating his wife because he suspected her character.

Dilshad was fed up with the fighting and asked for a divorce. Dilshad is survived two daughters, ages 18 and 20, and a brother. They have all been recorded.

“An FIR was registered at the Meghwadi Police Station on December 23 against the accused in violation of section 302 IPC.¬†“We are looking for him,” Sanjeev Pimple (senior inspector at Meghwadi’s police station) said.


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