IIT Delhi prepares 50 liters of its Own Hand sanitizers in two days due to the shortage of supply and high pricing.

Indian Institute of Technology made their own hand sanitizer liquid after finding it difficult to purchase due to high demand and absolutely high pricing. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director Indian Institute of Technology said in a LinkedIn Post that “ After facing issues getting hand sanitizers in large quantities even when they were available, vendors were charging exorbitant amounts and quality was a suspect. Out of frustration, I told one of our chemistry professors, why don’t you guys prepare them in IIT, why is it such a big deal? He replied for such a small thing, you don’t need an IIT professor. It can be done by our Technical staff. In flat two days, we have 50 liters of hand sanitizers meeting WHO standard (Certified By IIT professors ). All at a negligible price.”

The same was updated on IIT Delhi’s official website.

“The Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has prepared alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which has been prescribed by WHO for destroying coronavirus and its spores from surfaces and hand for use by the campus community,” the website stated.

It has been said that the formula for producing sanitizers by the chemistry department of the IIT Delhi, Contains three chemicals along with Aloe Vera and the major component is isopropyl alcohol (around 75%).

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