Dogs are now being trained in the UK to Help detect COVID-19 Virus

A team of scientists has joined hands with the British charity to discover whether dogs can detect the covid-19 through their sense of smell. These dogs are going to work with the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine and Durham university to see whether they can help in the detection of Covid-19 affected patients.

The aim of this experiment is to make dogs screen the people and make it easy for the government to detect the COVID 19 affected patients easily but the basic challenge in this task is to catch the odour of the virus from the patients safely and present it to dogs.

The chief executive and founder of the medical detection dogs Claire Guest have said that “In principle, we are sure that dogs detect COVID-19”

The organization has said that they have already begun preparations to train dogs in 6 weeks to help provide the non-invasive diagnosis towards the end of this epidemic.

It’s not the first time that charity has used dogs for medical purposes, Charity has trained the dogs before to detect diseases like cancer, Parkinson and bacterial infection by sniffing samples taken from patients. The head of the disease control of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine had said that dogs can detect malaria at high accuracy and other respiratory diseases so there is a high chance that it could work for covid-19

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